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10/22/2017 4:32:08 AM


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This Day in History - provided by Fact Monster

Provided by Fact Monster
Andre-Jacques Garnerin made the first parachute jump from a balloon.
Sam Houston was inaugurated as the first president of the Republic of Texas.
President Kennedy announced an air and naval blockade of Cuba, following the discovery of Soviet missile bases on the island.
Spanish cellist, conductor, and composer Pablo Casals died in Puerto Rico, at age 96.
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Morning Time is a time when everyone in the family can come together for a period of family learning.

10 Reasons to Add Morning Time to Your Homeschool - iHomeschool Network

Do you ever have one of those mornings? The kind where nobody wants to get moving (including you). Nobody has a good attitude. Nobody can bear the thought of one more day of long division. It happens more than I care to admit around here. Which is why I have a secret weapon for starting school days....

Chlorophyll, carotenoids, anthocyanins and tannins? - Why do Leaves Change Color in the Fall?...

You may be curious as to why a tree’s leaves change color during fall and what makes some fall seasons better than others for vibrant color. Visit to download the full Davey fall tree care checklist. Fall foliage is particularly spectacular in Northeastern North America bec...

Different conditions may cause a cracking joint, and the problem is not always clear.

Does Joint Cracking and Snapping Cause Arthritis?

Cracking joints causes popping, snapping, and creaking of the joints, but does it cause arthritis. Or is joint cracking just something that feels good?

Not every volcano builds up a mountain.

What Happens When a Volcano Erupts?

What happens when a volcano erupts? Learn the basics of volcanism, how volcano eruptions work, and the different types of volcano eruptions.

These are some really awesome games!

10 Great Educational Games - Hip Homeschool Moms

10 Great Educational Games for Homeschoolers.

Columbia Virtual Academy updated their cover photo.

Columbia Virtual Academy's cover photo

Looking for a learning alternative?

Columbia Virtual Academy (CVA)

CVA is a totally public, accredited, tuition free, K-12, alternative to traditional brick and mortar schools for Washington State residents.

eLearning is slowly becoming the most popular way of learning new information.

3 Tips And 14 eLearning Tools For Creative Students - eLearning Industry

Interested in some tips and eLearning Tools For Creative Students? Check 3 study tips and 14 eLearning Tools For Creative Students.
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Featured Articles

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Attention CVA Students!

We are planning to highlight CVA students in a new video called "I am CVA". We are inviting interested CVA students to submit a short video telling us why CVA is right for them (see this flyer). In October we will select students to participate and video production will soon follow.

How many people do you know with prairie dogs as pets?

Learning all about prairie dogs

This is Mason and Max Lange's second year with CVA and they just finished the first grade in Kimber Rolfe's class. The twin boys live in Snohomish and they are using Calvert curriculum. Mason and Max studied animal habitat, ecosystems, and conservation this year. They learned all about prairie dogs…

Great job, Marta!

Amazing artwork!

Marta Lueders is an 8th grade student in Janet Mosby's class and we featured one of her writing assignments a few months ago. Marta is using Artistic Pursuits curriculum for art and we just have to show off some of her amazing artwork. Great job Marta!

Nice work, Madison!

Learning about art and the artist

Madison Brenneman is a seventh grade student in Janet Mosby's class and she is using Atelier art curriculum. A few months ago we featured Madison's poem from her reading of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and her teacher was so impressed with her art project that we had to share it with you! The…

Great job, Ocean!

A future computer art major?

Ocean Bjelkevig is a CVA student in Ann Marie Fischer's third grade class. She is using Calvert curriculum this year for her core subjects and Atelier for art. Ocean's favorite subject is art and she especially enjoys creating art on the computer. Ocean uses the Microsoft Windows Paint program to cr...

Great work, Aiden!

Future Inventor and Scientist

Aiden Black started with CVA in November 2016 with 8-10 Moving Beyond the Page curriculum. He is enjoying learning while using this curriculum. His favorite subjects are Math and Science, but he truly enjoys the Science curriculum best. This year we taught him how to use Power Point and now he wants...

Anish was exposed to the incredible cultural opportunities in India.

Where two cultures meet.

Anish is a CVA student in Ann Marie Fischer's kindergarten class. His full name is Sai Anish Chennuru, but he is called "Anish". He loves to learn and he is advanced in all aspects of his education. He especially likes math and science, and figuring out problems. During the school year Anish spent s...

Congratulations, Miranda!

The art of photography.

Miranda Marquardt is a 7th grade CVA student who has a passion for Art and Photography. She recently submitted a photograph that she took in the Spring Fair. Her photograph was of a beautiful stream with the reflections of the surrounding trees. She was very excited to receive a 2nd place ribbon for...
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